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For the cleaning of small laboratory equipment such as pipettes up to large material like hoses and drums, ARUNA offers the most reliable and cost-effective solution.

The cleaning systems in a hygiene design of the newest generation are characterized in particular by a low consumption of water and media, extremely short washing times and a fast and efficient drying. The self-cleaning system makes cleaning work in the chamber superfluous and thus reduces the batch times and personnel costs.

ARUNA plans, designs and constructs cGMP-compliant cleaning systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, foodstuff and hygiene industry.


The compact unit

The most compact and smallest cleaning system of the SDC series. Minimum footprint for laboratory and research facilities for cleaning small products to be washed in high quantities.

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The all-rounder

The medium-sized cleaning system with ideal footprint. Frequently used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical production lines for cleaning the equipment of production systems.

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The productive

The largest cleaning system for maximum throughput with large footprint. Ideal for cleaning large and heavy products to be washed, or high load quantities for the highest efficiency and productivity.

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