Wash racks from ARUNA

The wash racks are the central element for an optimum reproducible cleaning result. A validated cleaning process results from the combination of a well-organized wash rack and a reliable cleaning system.

All wash racks are subject to a spray shadow verification (Riboflavin verification) in order to verify a holistic wetting of the wash items. Clearly defined positioning of the wash items and a perfectly aligned nozzle system ensure for a spray shadow-free cleaning result. Thanks to the flawless flow behavior and minimum remaining water residues, short cleaning passage times are achieved.

ARUNA supports you in defining the material to be washed in order to achieve an optimum work flow in the production processes.

All wash racks from Aruna are particularly suitable for accommodating:

  • Parts from filling machines, format parts

  • Drums, barrels, lids and clamping rings

  • Tablet stamps and dies

  • Hoses, tubes, lines

  • Glass products, bottles, laboratory glasses, pipettes

  • and much more …

wash racks

  • Simple and economic wash racks

  • For individual loading of simple and non-critical products to be washed

  • Equipping with diverse retaining modules possible

wash racks

  • Version with replaceable specifically designed slide-in modules

  • Offers the highest loading quantity of similar wash items

  • Optimum utilization of space

  • Washes every level from the top to the bottom with additional wash arms

wash racks

  • Customized washing racks for different products to be washed

  • Version with specific retainers

  • Own nozzle system for spray shadow-free wetting

  • Clear washitems positioning

  • Equipping of free space with wire baskets for small parts

  • The highest reproducible and validation properties

Wash racks
for stamps and dies

  • Specifically designed washing racks on two levels

  • For cleaning stamps and dies from tablet presses

  • Designed for equipping carrier modules

  • Additional loading of individual baskets or retaining modules possible

Wash racks
for hoses

  • For hoses with outer diameter up to 50 mm

  • Diverse hose connections possible

Wash racks
for drums

  • For different drum containers

  • Number of containers depending on the chamber size

  • Retainers for drum lid and clamping ring


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